Review: The Purge

purge_ver2_xlg__spanThe Purge is a 2013 horror, sci-fi, thriller starring Ethan Hawke. The Purge tells the story of a family who are held hostage after harbouring a target of a murderous gang during the annual purge, a twelve-hour period in which any crime, including murder is legalised.

When I saw the trailer, I was really intrigued because I liked the concept that was being offered. When I went in to see the film I didn’t expect a lot but had a few expectations.  I wasn’t disappointed with what was offered to me. I thought the story was a really good idea and was a good take on horror. I thought it was straight to the point and gave you exactly what you wanted. It isn’t too complicated and doesn’t bog you down with too much back-story and complicated twists and turns and it is only 1 hour and 25 minutes long, which for this film was a good length.

The cast where ok. Ethan Hawke plays head of the family James Sandin and is accompanied by Lena Headey as his wife Mary Sandin and Max Burkholder and Adelaide Kane as their children Max and Zoey. The gang leader, Henry, who terrorises the family is played by Tony Oller and certainly gives the best performance in the whole film.

In all honesty the film isn’t amazing. It manages to do what it needs to do in the time frame that it has but it could have been a bit more suspenseful, bit more dramatic and could have used a bit more of a horror element. I was also often reminded of The Hunger Games in terms of things that where said and ways in which the Purge was described so was often referring to that in the back of my mind.

Overall, The Purge isn’t scary what so ever but does give you what you want it to in a good time frame. It is a good concept and is generally an ok film but is perhaps let down by one or two missed elements.

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