January 2008
I started work experience with a small youth based magazine called Youth Live.
The magazine based in Liverpool was set up to be written for young people and by young people.
I was with the magazine for two years and did a variety of tasks. I did interviews, wrote articles,
worked in an office and worked with a range of people. I also became the special features writer
for the publication.

October 2008
I started my first job at Wilkinson in Earlstown. This Christmas vacancy lasted from October to
December of that year. This was an evening vacancy, which saw me work with a small number of

July 2010
I started working at Clarks shoes in St Helens town centre. I am still with the company and have
been with them for two and a half years. I am a sales assistant and work weekdays and weekends.
I work with a team of approximately ten people and do jobs from serving customers to stock rooms

November 2010
In November of my second year at University I joined the English Language newspaper, Seren.
I started as an article writer and wrote a number of articles for the paper. I wrote articles about societies in the university and wrote a number of film critiques.

September 2011
During my final year at University I became the film sub editor for the newspaper. This role
allowed me to not only write film critiques but gave me the chance to design the overall look for
the page and select what would be in the paper.

December 2011
I was given the oppourtunity to write a piece for The Daily Post newspaper in North Wales.
I wrote a review of a local carol concert just before Christmas and my review was published on
the Daily Post Website.

March and May 2013
Firstly I spent one day with the online news outlet Rochdale Online. During my day with them I wrote two articles. One was based on bedroom task and involved me writing the article using information and interviews I was given. The second was about a body that had been found in the town centre. I was sent out to speak to local people in the area and then once back in the office had to write up the story. Both of these stories appeared online. During a two-week work placement with Rochdale Online I did various tasks as a reporter. I spent time in the office making calls and arranging interviews. I then conducted a number of one on one interviews and phone-to-phone interviews and had many articles published online.

After finishing my MA, I hope to become a journalist for either a newspaper, magazine or online source. After having different varieties of work experience, I enjoy the challenge of writing stories and gathering the information for those stories. At some point I would like to be a film critic as this particular style of writing is my favourtie.


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